Our Team @ Corentus

Corentus team members are seasoned professionals with solid track records of helping clients delivering real results. We bring a wealth of experience from working in a wide variety of organizational environments—from government agencies, NGOs, and nonprofits to multinational Fortune 500 corporations. All of us at Corentus wear multiple hats, as coaches, consultants, trainers, and facilitators, and can shift seamlessly between these modalities to meet our clients’ diverse and evolving needs. Most importantly, we all share a passion for working at the intersection of heart (internal harmony) and results (performance outcomes). We are dedicated to helping our clients thrive and excel at every level, from the individual to the team to the organization as a whole.



Corentus Co-Founder and CEO

Alexander believes that his two professional passions—reducing suffering at work and driving real results—are inextricably linked. He founded Corentus to pursue his vision of helping teams thrive for the betterment of both individuals and organizations.
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Jennifer Budd

Corentus Director of Professional Development

Jennifer’s passion is to create awakening opportunities that inspire expansive thinking, connection with others and ease for leaders and teams.  Awakening opportunities come in many forms.  It might be a training program, a powerful coaching question, or a new way of looking at a problem.  Jennifer lives for the “ah ha” moment, both for herself and those she works with.
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Corentus Coach and Consultant
State of Mind Research Partner

Jeremy is passionate about assisting leaders and teams to shift their states of mind to tackle organizational challenges.
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MEREDITH Persily Lamel

Corentus Executive Coach, Team Coach, and Consultant

For fifteen years, Meredith Persily Lamel has explored the frontiers of aspirational leadership, human behavior, and organizational development. 
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KiRstEn Olson

Corentus Consultant and Advisor

Kirsten works with leaders engaged in transformational change, sector-shift, and the new demands of leadership in the learning sector, nationally and internationally.
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Co-Founder & Chief Catalyst

Janice's purpose is to connect people to ideas and opportunities to turn on and realize their potential. 
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carol bellini

Corentus Consultant and Coach

Inspiring people to discover, embrace, and unleash their unique talents in the world to create more fulfilling lives. Read more about Carol...


Amy Holmes

Corentus Operations and Communications Specialist

Amy engages life, her work and her family with great passion and perseverance. Read more about Amy...  



Corentus Consultant, Facilitator and Coach

Kimberley has a passion to help people live fully in their greatness. 
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Nancy nachbar

Corentus Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator, Leadership Coach and Team Coach

Through coaching, facilitation, training, and consulting, Nancy works with individuals, teams, and organizations to improve performance, increase impact, and achieve greater satisfaction and well-being. 
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karina nersesyan

Corentus Ambassador

Karina takes on this world with the courageous authenticity that drove her to take time off from over the two decades of successful global career and focus on mastering her ability of leading from the future.
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Stefano Petti

Corentus Research Partner
State of Mind Research

Stefano's approach to people development embeds a strong focus on their actual business context, the results they need to produce, and the state of mind they need to get there.
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Corentus Team Coach and Consultant

Lisa is an advanced leadership coach and culture change consultant who believes that results—and people—matter.  
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john d. roberts 

Corentus Team Coach, Consultant, and Professional Development Architect

John brings 25 years of experience instigating learning and change to his coaching and consulting practice. 
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Corentus Advisor, Team Coach, and Consultant

Chris works with leaders and teams to tap into their greatness—going beyond the numbers, beyond personal mastery, into the very essence of their aspirations and capacity.
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Amy yeager

Corentus Director of Research &
Product Development

Amy's passion is helping individuals and teams to regain ease and joy in their work by dissolving communication barriers that make professional life unnecessarily difficult.
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Lori Zukin

Corentus Consultant, Executive Coach and Team Coach

Lori’s passion is to help others listen for, identify and pursue their passions.  After 18 years as a leader at Booz Allen Hamilton, she left an executive role to follow her professional dream:  to focus deeply in the areas of leadership strategy, leadership consulting, executive coaching and team coaching.
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