Corentus is the culmination of more than 25 years of research and practice in improving group and team performance. Our approach integrates methods drawn from numerous disciplines, including the fields of leadership, management development, neuroscience, organizational and social psychology, executive and team coaching, high-performance training, and stress management. Throughout our work, we maintain a strong focus both on human resilience and performance and on the achievement of meaningful business results.

"Alexander Caillet has the rare talent to both design and deliver outstanding team development programs. I was fortunate to partner with Alexander in creating an enterprise-wide mid-level leadership development program. Alexander draws from an extensive research-based body of knowledge, he packages content and learning experiences such that leaders leave with requisite skills to develop high performing teams. Participants expressed unprecedented levels of satisfaction with the program; offering positive feedback and practical examples of success long after the delivery. It was evident from first meeting Alexander this is his life’s work and passion; his ability to deliver results are second to none! "
— Bob Sturm - Manager Talent Development, BWX Technologies Inc.