Corentus = Cor (Heart) + Eventus (Results)

At Corentus, we work with organizations to optimize their performance by transforming their teams.
Our research and experience demonstrate that transforming teams requires a simultaneous focus
on the Heart (the human dimension) and on Results (the performance dimension).
Neither can flourish without the other.
Through our integrated consulting, coaching, and development practices, 
we empower teams and the individuals who lead them to unlock their potential and drive lasting results.

Team and Group
Coaching, Consulting, Facilitation,
and Professional Development


Achieve sustainable results by engaging with Corentus. Drawing on our experience with hundreds of client teams across a wide variety of fields, we will work with you to design an engagement perfectly tailored to the needs of your team and your organization.

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We congratulate the Cohort 1 graduates of our Team Coaching Certificate Program, and extend a warm welcome to Cohort 2!

Our Team Coaching Certificate Program provides comprehensive training and mentoring in the Corentus Team Coaching model, a time-tested approach highly valued by clients. We call team coaching the "killer app" of team engagements; in combination with other team development modalities such as training and facilitation, it dramatically improves teams' ability to make real-time improvements to their performance and results and sustain those improvements
over the long term.  

From a practitioner standpoint, team coaching is also known by another term:
the "X Games of Coaching."
It is a highly nuanced and challenging practice that requires many levels of mastery, including skill in the various complementary disciplines (such as training, consulting, and one-on-one coaching). We developed this program to meet the needs of practitioners who wish to feel fully competent and confident
to design and deliver successful
team coaching engagements.

If you are ready for the "X Games," contact us! We already starting to interview candidates for Cohort 3. (The formal application process begins in January 2018; Cohort 3 launches
in September 2018.)

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Effective teamwork does not emerge by accident; teaming requires a distinct set
of knowledge, skills, and methods.
A wide range of critical capacities—from making decisions to building trust to holding others accountable—function quite differently in teams than in one-on-one relationships or loosely affiliated groups. The Corentus Team Tools have a proven track record of helping teams collaborate more effectively, achieve better results, and create a more constructive and fulfilling team environment.

In addition to teaching our tools through client engagements and the Team Coaching Certificate Program, we also train team leaders and practitioners online through a series of webinars. You can choose to enroll
for individual sessions, for the full series,
or for one or more
Corentus Team Toolbox Sets.

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Register for
90-Minute Live Learning Series
a deep dive into the Corentus Team Tools

From our Accountability Tool to our Decision Making Tool, let us take you on a deep dive to gain a more fuller understanding of each of our team tools.  

  • I’m still in awe at what transpired during these last few days. Thank you for your immense giving spirit.
    — Alberto Navarro - Certificate Course: Transforming Team Performance, Cohort 8
  • full of wisdom, extraordinary tools, and powerful energy. Your own long work with teams is unparalleled by anyone in our field, and your enthusiasm for it and experience with it is inspirational.
    — Kirsten Olson - Certificate Course: Transforming Team Performance, Cohort 5
  • The tools you provided us wildly surpassed any expectation. They are amazing and will be so helpful. Thank you so much for all this incredible knowledge and ideas of how to move forward. Truly incredible.
    — Ellen Fulton - Certificate Course: Transforming Team Performance, Cohort 1
  • What an amazing workshop! Thank you so much for the workshop, the materials, the stories, and putting your whole self into this.
    — Lori Heffelfinger - Certificate Course: Transforming Team Performance, Cohort 8